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August 3: High School Masterclass Clinician, "Gala Concert" with outstanding solo flutists from around the world and "Late Night Cabaret" at the N.F.A "National Flute Association" Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.Canceled due to delay in the delivery of the visa.
August 4: Recital "Maraca in Concert" at the Convention of the N.F.A "National Flute Association" in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.Canceled due to delay in the delivery of the visa.
August 5: Concert in "Late Night Cabaret" guest of "N.F.A Jazz Flute Big Band" conducted by Ali Ryerson at the N.F.A Convention "National Flute Association" in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.Canceled due to delay in the delivery of the visa.
August 11: Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, California. Guest of the Orchestra "La Moderna tradición".Canceled due to delay in the delivery of the visa.
August 13: San José Jazz Festival, California. Guest of the Orchestra "La Moderna tradición".Canceled due to delay in the delivery of the visa.
August 14: Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, California. Guest of the Orchestra "La Moderna tradición".Canceled due to delay in the delivery of the visa.
August 18: “Brian Lynch - Maraca“ Valle Sextet“ at “Saint Kate Hotel“ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.Canceled due to delay in the delivery of the visa.
August 19: "Brian Lynch - Maraca Valle Sextet" at the "International Latino Cultural Center" in Chicago, Illinois, United States.Canceled due to delay in the delivery of the visa.
July 30: Concert at the "Classical Beat 2022" Festival in Lubeck, Germany, with a big band directed by Pierre Bertrand and with "Maraca" and Gustavo Ovalles as guests.
December 5: "Cuba-Haiti Encounter" Concert with the Haitian pianist Reginald Poliscard together with the guests Alejandro Falcón, Hector Quintana, Yasek Manzano, Melissa Dauphin, Jean Caze, Horacio el negro Hernández, Adel González, Emir Santa Cruz and Rafael Paseiro.
October 26: ANMOGGAR N JAZZ, Festival, Agadir, Morocco. "Maraca and Ramon Valle" Quintet. Guest Orlando Poleo.
May 18 to 25: Festival "Cubadisco" in Havana.
March 20: Homage to the 500th anniversary of Havana at the Mazatlan Jazz Fest, Mexico.
March 6: Festival "Fiesta del Tambor" in Havana. "Maraca" guest of the flamenco pianist and singer Laura de los Angeles at the gala "Tributo a España" at the theater "Karl Marx".
January 16 to 20: Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana with Brian Lynch, Nestor Torres, The Orchestra "Aragón", Harold López-Nussa and other guests. 
August 16 to 20: Flute Festival in Panama City (concerts, master classes).
August 8 - 12: Master class and concerts at the 46th edition of the Flute Convention of the "National Flute Association" in Orlando, Florida.
July 28 and 29: "Maraca" will participate in the tenth anniversary of the festival "JAZZ A LALONDE" (France) as guest artist of the festival in a series of special concerts on July 28 and 29 next

July 21: Concert in Fort de France (Martinique) with Mario Canonge Feat: Orlando "Maraca" Valle.
June 2: Concert at Abba Hushi Center For Culture And Society
Haifa (Israel) with Ramon Valle Trio Feat: Orlando "Maraca" Valle.
June 1: Concert in Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Israel) with
Ramon Valley Trio Feat: Orlando "Maraca" Valley.
May 31: Concert in "Recanati Auditorium"
Tel Aviv (Israel) with Ramon Valley Trio Feat: Orlando "Maraca" Valley.
May 30: Concert in Modiin (Israel) with Ramon Valle Trio Feat: Orlando "Maraca" Valle.
May 29: Concert in Zappa Club (Israel) with Ramon Valle Trio Feat: Orlando "Maraca" Valle.
May 26: Concert in Kfar Saba (Israel) with Ramon Valle Trio Feat: Orlando "Maraca" Valle.
May 10: Jazz sous les Pommiers / Coutance (France) with Harold López-Nussa and "AFro Cuban Expérience".
May 8: Barbican Center (London) with Harold López-Nussa and "Afro Cuban Expérience" (TBC).
February 9: Concert at the "Baiser Salé", Paris, France invited by Martiniquence pianist Mario Canonge.
February 5: Concert in the "New Morning", Paris, France for the release of the album "Viaje a la amistad" by the French pianist Gerard Naulet.
January 25: Concert in Nice with Cuban singer and pianist Janyset McPherson.
January 14: Philharmonie De Paris, Paris, France (Maraca, David Sánchez and other guests of the Cuban pianist Harold Lopez-Nussa).
December 28: "Maraca" y su Cuarteto Cubano and guests - Theater of the Museo de Bellas Artes of Havana.
November 25: Jazzfest Delmenhorst (Germany) with Ramon Valle & Orlando "Maraca" Valle DUO)
April 30: International Jazz Day (Gran Teatro de La Habana “Alicia Alonso“).
February 6: Gradignan (France) - Theatre des 4 saisons
February 7: Villeneuve-sur-Lot (France) - Théâtre Georges Leygue
February 8: Périgueux (France) - Théâtre l'Odyssée
February 9 : Arcachon (France) - Théâtre l'Olympia
February 10: Bayonne (France) - Théâtre.



June 21 : Lithuania, Vilnius Festival 2016, Compensa Concert Hall (Kernavės st. 84), Vilnius, 7:00 PM


With Maraca & the Latin Jazz All Stars featuring Steve Turre, Mario Canonge, Tim Mayer, Robby Ameen, Orlando Poleo, Felipe Cabrera


June 23 : France, Paris, Le New Morning (with Maraca & the Latin Jazz All Stars)


July 3 – 10 : CROATIA FLUTE ACADEMY 2016, 3rd International Flute Summer Courses, Karlovac, Croatia


July 25 : France, Vannes, Jazz en ville   Festival (with Ramon and Maraca Valle quintet featuring Orlando Poleo)

August 18 : USA, Vail Jazz Festival (With Maraca & the Latin Jazz All Stars featuring Steve Turre)

August 19 : USA, Aspen Snowmass Jazz Festival (With Maraca & the Latin Jazz All Stars featuring Steve Turre)

October 7 : USA, Madison, Overture Center for the Arts (With Maraca & the Latin Jazz All Stars featuring Steve Turre, Brian Lynch, Robby Ameen,Mario Canonge, Orlando Poleo, Felipe Cabrera, Tim Mayer).

October 22: Concert of "Maraca &  Ramon Valle DUO" in the "Convention Internationale de la Flute" CONSERVATORY AUDITORIUM "MAURICE RAVEL" (6 P.M)

33 rue Gabriel-Péri - 92300 Levallois,  France.

November 25: CD release "The Art of Two" @ Bomhuis, Amsterdam. Part One: "Maraca" & Ramon Valle DUO. Part Two: "The Cuban Jazz Family (" Maraca & Ramon Valle Quartet  with Omar Rodriguez Calvo (Contrabass) and Liber Torriente (Drums).


TOURS  2015:


October 2 : “New Morning “( Paris, Francia). “Maraca & his Latin Jazz All Stars Quintet“. 21.30 P.M 

October 3: “Forum Nice- Nord“ ( Niza, francia) “Maraca & his Latin Jazz All Stars Quintet“. 20.30 P.M 

October 4:  “The signature Jazz Cruise on Siborne“ ( Cannes, Francia). “Maraca & his Latin Jazz All Stars“ ( full band). Theatre. 20.30 P.M

October 5:  “The signature Jazz Cruise on Siborne“ ( Cannes, Francia). “Maraca & his Latin Jazz All Stars“ ( full band).Swiming Pool. 12 m.

October 19-24: Festival Internacional Jazz UV ( Universidad de Veracruz, Mexico). “Maraca & his Latin Jazz All Stars“ ( full band). Master class, conferences. 

October 25:  Festival Internacional Jazz UV ( Universidad de Veracruz, Mexico). “Maraca & his Latin Jazz All Stars“ ( full band).Concert.

December 20: Festival de Jazz Plaza ( Habana, Cuba). Teatro “Mella“.Gala de clausura en la  35 edicion del festival. “Maraca “ & Jazz Plaza All Stars“. Orlando  “Maraca “  Valle,  Steve Turre, Brian Lynch, Ron Carter, Dave Liebman, Ramon Valle and other guests. 


June 26 :Club Musique l'Improviste, 36 Quai d'Austerlitz Paris France 75013 Paris.

June 24 : Archéo Jazz Festival, Rouen , France (Duo Maraca & Ramon Valle)


March 20: NASMD 2015 CONVENTION“ @ New Orleans.


February :7 :“Porgy & Bess“  Terneuzen ( The Netherlands)

February : 8 : “Tivoli“ Utrecht (The Netherlands)

February :10:Musis Sacrum“  Arnhem ( The Netherlands)

February  11 : special guest of Michael Joussein’s Latin Quarter at Le Petit Journal Montparnasse (75014 Paris, France).




May 21 : Concert  of Maraca & Ramon Valle Quintet featuring Orlando Poleo (congas, percussion ) - Martinique (CMAC, Atrium Theater,  Aimé Césaire stage) 



May 24 : Master -classes at the school of music  of Vandoeuvre -les- Nancy


June 4: Concert of Maraca as a special guest of  NoJazz & Friends,  Fort-en-Jazz Festival, Francheville (France)



June 7: Master -classes at the school of music  of Vandoeuvre -les- Nancy


June 14: Master -classes at the school of music  of Vandoeuvre -les- Nancy


June 18: Master -classes at the school of music  of Vandoeuvre -les- Nancy


June 19: Master -classes at the school of music  of Vandoeuvre -les- Nancy


June 20: Concert  of Maraca & Ramon Valle Quintet featuring Orlando Poleo (congas,  percussion)  Festival in Vandoeuvre -les- Nancy


July 3: Concert of Maraca & Ramon Valle Duo, Festival des Rives et des Notes (Espace Jéliote) Oloron Sainte Marie, France 



July 18: International jazz festival of Canarias “Jazz and more” (Las Palmas), concert  of Maraca & ​​Ramon Valle Quartet 



July 19: International jazz festival of Canarias “Jazz and more” (Tenerife) concert of Maraca & ​​Ramon Valle Quartet 



July 24: Concert of Maraca as a guest of Al Di Meola Group + Gonzalo Rubalcaba , Jazz des Cinq continents Festival, Marseille, France 



August 4: concert of Maraca & ​​his Latin Jazz All Stars at Jazz in Jazz in Marciac Festival (main stage )


featuring Orlando Valle " Maraca " flute , direction , Brian Lynch trumpet , trombone Steve Turre , shells , Irving Acao saxophone , Harold Lopez- Nussa piano, violon Sayaka Katsuki , Rafael Paseiro bass , Horacio " The Black " Hernandez drums, Giovanni Hidalgo congas,percussions 


August 15: Concert  of Maraca & Ramon Valle Quartet , Costa Brava ( Spain )



September 15:  Maraca & Ramon Valle Quartet "International jazz festival Koktebel Jazz Party", Russia.



December 19 & 20:  "New Jazz Frontiers" band  , The Appel Room, JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER, New York City,.7 P.M. Orlando ¨Maraca Valle ( Flute), Edmar Castañeda ( Harp), Ed Simon ( Piano),  Luques Curtis ( Bass), Daniel Freedman  ( Drums) .



Other Tours of 2013:

Orlando 'Maraca' Valle & Ramon Valle Duo:
12/06- Mijke's Middag radio 6, Amsterdam, Holanda
12/07-LantarenVenster, Rotterdam, Holanda
12/08- North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam, Holanda
12/09 & 10-Sunset-Sunside, Paris, France

Maraca's salsa & Latin jazz Band


Cuba National Tour - from July 4, 2013
July 20: Le Cannet des Maures, France. Place du 19 Mars 1962.
Festival du Chien Rouge. Hours: 21H30
July 21: La Seyne sur Mer, France, festival cubain
July 26: Vic FEZENSAC, FRANCE, Tempo Latino festival, special concert fot the  twentieth anniversary of the festival "Maraca & Friends featuring NoJazz, Mangu and Giovanni Hidalgo"
July 27: SFINXS FESTIVAL. Belgium
July 28: La Londe, France
August 3: Sète, France, Festival Fiest'Sète
August 20: JAZZ AU PHARE, France. Phare des Baleines 17590 Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, Ile de RéScène du Phare. Time: 22h00


Maraca & los Gigantes del Son
featuring Yumurí (vocal) & Guillermo Rubalcaba (piano)

Location: Parc Théodore Denis,
Dax 40107
Time: 22h00

Maraca & Ramon Valle  Duo:

August 2: Concert Hall Amsterdam, Holland
August 31: Kerk van Feerwerd, Groningen
Citi's website:
Hours: 16.00-18.00
“The Cuban Jazz Family” project
featuring Orlando Valle Maraca & Ramon Valle (piano)
Location: Parc Théodore Denis,
Dax 40107
Time: 22h00

Maraca as guest flutist:​

May 23: NoJazz & Friends. New Morning. Paris. France
May 24: NoJazz & Friends. Rouen. France
Jazz en Terrasses. Places des Carmelites, du Lieutenant Aubert du Général-De-Gaulle, rue Eau-de-Robec
21h30, jardins de l'Hôtel de Ville
6-12 August: International Flute Convention, New Orleans, EE-UU
(41st annual convention NFA) Maraca, Hubert Laws, Jim Walker, Ali Ryerson and others.

Maraca & his Latin Jazz All Stars​:

October 14: Théatre du Chatelet, Paris
Releasing party of the  album "Reencuentros, live at the Grand Theater of Havana"
With Special Guest Gonzalo Rubalcaba (piano)
line up:
Orlando Valle "Maraca" - flute, address
Gonzalo Rubalcaba - piano (special guest)
Steve Turre - trombone, shells
Brian Lynch - trumpet
Giovanni Hidalgo - percussion
Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez - drums
Harold Lopez-Nussa - piano
Grégory Privat - Keyboards
Irving Acao - saxophone
Feliciano Arango-low

​Countries where Maraca's Salsa & Latin Jazz band have performed  since 1996 :



Jazz in Marciac
Nice Jazz Festival, Niza,
Jazz a Juan, Antibes
Jazz à Vienne
La Villette Jazz Festival, París
Córsega, Calvi Jazz Festival

Festival ‘Fiesta des Suds’, Marsella
Paris, Le Méridien Jazz Club Lionel HamptonNancy Jazz Pulsations
Festival  MIDEM , Ballroom del Hotel Martínez, Cannes
Le Duc des Lombards, París
Vic Fezensac/Festival Tempo Latino)
Festival Jazz N' Jazz de Lille, Francia
Avignon, Tremplin Jazz Festival, (Palais des Papes),Festival Bleu
Radio Francia live at France Musiques, "Un Mardi ideal"
Vence, Les Nuits du Sud, Place du grand Jardin
Festival Django Reinhardt, Samois s/Seine
Jazz à Oloron, salle Jéliote  (64400,   Oloron Sainte-Marie)
Montauban Jazz Festival
La Défense Jazz Festival) - Showtime 12:00 PMCrest jazz Vocal, Espace Soubeyran , Rue Jean Rabot
Scenes de Jazz’ Festival, Theatre de Verdure, La Grande-MotteFestival de jazz de Châtellerault, Complexe culturel de l’Angelarde (86102, Châtellerault)
Festival ‘Jazz en Touraine’, Montlouis s/Loire, FranciaJVC Paris Jazz FestivalNew Morning, París
​Festival Porto Latino’, Saint-Florent, Corseca
Fiesta Latina Festival, Sète, Francia
Tribu Jazz Festival, Dijon
la Seyne sur Mer, Festival Cubain, Fort-Napoleon
Puteaux, Palais de la Culture
Marne-la-Vallée, Festival Latina @ Eurodisney
Lyon, Y Salsa Festival
Cabaret sauvage,Paris
Festival des Hauts de Garonne, Bordeaux
Musiques d’Ete Festival, Cran Gevrier
Casino de Deauville
L’Antirouille, Montpellier
Le Bijou, Toulouse
La Java. París
Salle Intercommunale de Saint Jean de Ruelle, Orléans
La Feria de Béziers
Latin Music Festival, París
Les Escales de Saint-Nazaire
Montlouis s/Loire, Place François Mitterrand
Festival Jazzèbre, Perpignan
Festival ‘Jazz au Fil de l’Oise’, Saint-Ouen
‘La Pamparina Festival’, Thiers
Fiestas cubaines, La Seyne s/Mer
Festival All Stars del New Morning, París
International Salsa Festival ‘Tempo Latino’, Vic-Fezensac
‘Les Nuits Atypiques’ Festival, Langon, Francia
Festival de Musiques d’Amerique Latine, Capvern-les-Bains
Le Rockstore, Montpellier
L’Espace 3000, Hyères
Estudios de cine "La Victorine", Niza
Tremplin Jazz Avignon, Francia
Les Enfants du Jazz, Barcelonnette, Francia
Festival Toros y Salsa, Dax, Francia
CCMJ Lennon, Limoges, Francia
La Java, París, Francia
Saint Jean de la Ruelle, Orleans, Francia
L'Espace Culturel, Niort, Francia
Le VIP, Saint-Nazaire, Francia
Fstival ‘Le Temps des Musiques’, Saint Quentin en Yvelines, Francia
Issy les Moulineaux, Francia
Festival Cubano de Brest, Francia
Festival de Toulon, Francia
Aix Jazz Festival, Francia
Fiesta Latina, Sète, Francia
St George de Didonne, Festival Musiques et gastronomies du Monde)
Bordeaux, Le 4 Sans)
showcase en vivo desde Radio Latina @ Club Med World, Paris)
Festival Music'Arts de Enghien, Hippodrome
Festival La Nuit des Suds @ le Cabaret Sauvage
Sainte-Eulalie ; Maraca de invitado especial del festival “ Rencontres autour du Steel-drums”
Eze s/Mer, Festival Latino d'A a Eze
Forges - les - Eaux (casino)
Vienne, Nuit Cubaine
Beziers , Fiesta d'Oc
La Couarde/Ile de Ré, La Maligne
Hossegor/Festival Bodeguitas en la Playa
Grenade, Festival Grenad'in
Forges les Eaux, Casino)
Massy Palaiseau, Centro Cultural Paul Baillart
FIESTA LATINA, Disney-Village, Marne la Vallée
Toulouse, Havana Cafe
Rombas, Espace Culturel
Cusset (03) – Espace Chambon
Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (59 230), Casino
Niza – CEDAC de Cimiez
Brainans, Moulin de Brainans
Tarbes, Festival Dance & Roots
Mayenne, Salle Polyvalente
Créteil Ete Festival
Auxerre, Festival Nuits Metisses
Falicon, Festival Cubano
Semblançay Salsa Festival "Semblan'Scène"
Barcelonnette, Fiestas Latino-Mexicaines
Béziers, La Feria
Caen, Festival Cap Latino – programado por Caramba Spectacles
Bayonne, Festival Peñas y Salsa, les Arènes
Toulouse, Festival Rio-Garonne
Pamiers, Festival Fiesta
La Teste de Buch, Jazz en Buch Festival
Pau, Festival Carifiesta
Forges-les-Eaux, Casino, (Chattam Club)
Cran Gevrier, Musiques d’été au Kiosque
Saint-Yrieix, Festival Cuba Color
Tarascon sur Ariège, Festival Cubano
La Villette Scène d’été Festival (Parc de la Villette – Kiosque à musique, aire libre, gratuito)
St Gilles, salle des Fetes (Nîmes)
Cauterets , festival latino Roc, Esplanade des Œufs,
Pamiers , Fiesta de Pamiers, Place Jean Jaurès à Pamiers
Montauban , JAZZ A MONTAUBAN, Parc Montauriol, 100 boulevard Hubert Grouze, 9 :00 PM
Récy , F’ESTIVAL DES MUSIQUES D’ICI ET D’AILLEURS – Place de l’Hotel de Ville, Recy (51), 8:30
Avignon , Parc des Expositions Château-Blanc d’Avignon,
Pont du Gard , Festival Kiosques d’ici et d’Ailleurs
St Aulaye , Festival des MUSIQUES EPICEES, Terrasses du Château (Plein Air), Hôtel de Ville - 24 410 ST AULAYE
Monastier , Festival du Monastier, Chapiteau -Cour Laurent Eynac-43150 Le Monastier
Niza, Au Cal Bon Voyage
Le Mans, Europa jazz Festival
Benquet,  Festival Atout chœurs
Tarbes, Festival Dance Roots
Manosque , Musik a l’Affiche
Angers, Festival Angers l’Eté
Pornichet Festival
Chédigny Blues Festival
Ingré, Festival « Les Musicales d’Ingré »
Marcq- en-Baroeul
Montlouis s/Loire, stade Cholet
Argentat, Festival Latin’A
Lambres Lez Douai, Quai d'Anton "Plaine de Jeux "
Carmaux, Festival Spécial Caraïbes « A fleur de peau »
Le Bec de Jazz, Mont-Saint Michel
L’Auberge du Hameau, Roquebrune Cap-Martin

Caraibes, Royan


Vitoria-Gasteiz International Jazz Festival, España
Gijon Festival - programado por BPR Music
Guadalajara – programado por Euromúsica
Siguenza (Guadalajara) "Festival Ciudad del Doncel" 
Islas Canarias, Festival Latino de Teror
Castellón de la Plana

The Netherland
North Sea Jazz Festival
Groningen Music Festival,Holanda
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holanda
Den Haag ‘Pass Pleasure’ Festival, Holanda
Holanda, Apeldoorn, Cuban Festival
Holanda, Brunssum Latin Festival
Holanda, Utrecht , Festival Wereldefeest
Holanda, Rotterdam Carnaval

Festival Latino Americano Di Roma, Italia
Festival Cubano, San Benedetto, Italia
Festival Cubano di Fiorenza, Italia
Milan Latino Festival, Milano – programado por M90 PRODUZIONI SRL
Cormons Jazz & Wine Peace Estate Festival 

Quasimodo Club, Berlín. Alemania
Jazz Club Minden, Alemania
Bayrischer Hof Club, Munich, Alemania
04/11 Jazz Club, Freiburg, Alemania
07/01: Austria , Villach , Jazz on Villach
Agosto 26 : Alemania , Minden, Minden Jazz Festival
Viersen International Jazz Festival, Alemania – con Afro-Cuban Jazz Project

Atenas, Athens Concert Hall 

Internacional de Athenas
Mylos Club, Thessaloniki


‘Antilliaanse Feesten’, Anvers, Bélgica
Antwerpen, Antilliaansefeesten, Joker Stage
on sur Ariège, Festival Cubano
Anvers,  Festival Antwerp Harbour Jazz
Brussels, Le Petit Château

Montreux Jazz Festival, Suiza
Lugano International Jazz Festival, Suiza
Zurich, The Moods, Suiza
Fribourg - Jazz Parade La Liberte
 Zurich, Festival Caliente ; Maraca como invitadp especial de Yuri Buenaventura
Ginebra, Theatre de Verdure – programado por Latitude Music
Ginebra, Village Tropical, (baby plage stage)
Bern Salsa Festival "Salsational" @ Théâtre National
Berna, Allegro Grand Casino Kursaal

‘3 Nights of Jazz’ Festival, Klagenfurt, Austria
The Reigen Club, Vienna, Austria
Austria, Viena, Szena
Austria, Tanz Salsa Festival " Passion in Tanz "
Austria, Wiesen, Splash Festival
Austria, Viena, Floridita


Copenhagen, Karneval de København
Participación especial de Maraca a la flauta como invitado estelar y artista en residencia del Great Danish Big Band (GDBB)
Workshops y ensayos con GDBB
Allerød, concierto con GDBB
Dinamarca , Copenhaguen, Vega, concierto con GDBB

​Kerry Music Festival, Dingle, Irlanda

Theatre Kremlin ( with the POP Stars Leonid Agutin & Angelika Varum)
House of Music- Moscu ( With his group Maraca's Salsa et Latin Jazz Band)
Oktiabrsky Concert Hall  ( Saint-Pétersbourg) 
( with the POP Stars Leonid Agutin & Angelika Varum)

Ukraine Palace ( with the POP Stars Leonid Agutin & Angelika Varum)

Skien, Salsa Congress
Oslo Wolrd Music Festival
Oslo, Cosmopolita Club
Førde Folk music Festival

Suecia, Estockholmo, München-Bryggeriet
Suecia, Malmø, Jeriko
Malmø , concierto con GDBB
Gotemburgo, Nefertiti Club
Stockholm, Festival Cubano

Pori Jazz Festival
Tampere Salsa Festival

Vilnius International Jazz Festival
Rhythmic Music Festival Rigas Ritmi
Riga International Music Festival Summertime

Istra Ethno Jazz Festival, Croatia

Programa Nacional de Televisión de Eslovenia, Ljubjana, Eslovenia
Eslovenia, Ljubljana Festival

Festival Jazz Jamboree, Varsovia, Polonia

Budapest World Music Festival
Budapest, WOMUFE Cuban Festival
Budapest, Casa de Cultura

Andorra Jazz Festival, Andorra


Fiesta privada para el Príncipe Albert de Mónaco

United Kingdom
Jazz Café, Londres, Inglaterra
Canary Wharf Festival, Cabot Hall, Londres, Inglaterra

Malta Jazz Festival

Varna Festival


United States 

Los Angeles, CA, Playboy Jazz Festival @ Hollywood Bowl
​Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing Festival, Nueva York
Monterey Jazz Festival
Aspen Jazz Festival, Colorado
Yoshi's, San Francisco
Yoshi's Oakland, CA
Jazz Alley, Seattle
Juneau, Alaska,Juneau Dance Fest
Austin, One World Theater
Cocoanut Groove, Santa Cruz

Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz
Las Vegas, Nevada,South Point Casino      
Chicago Summer Dance Festival, Chicago
Milwaukee, WI, the New Latino Auditorium
Madison, The Orpheum Theater,WI
The Roxy, Los AngelesSportsmen’s Lodge, Los Angeles
Hot Tin Roof, Martha’s Vineyard
Long Beach, CA,Museum Of Latin American Art,
Cleveland, Ohio,Night town
Chicago, IL, Old Town School of Folk Music
Madison, WI, World Music Festival, Willy Street Fair
Milwaukee, WI, Global Union FestivalYoshi’s, Oakland
Tipitina’s, Nueva Orleans
Hollywood Park Casino, Los Angeles
Houston International Music Festival, Houston
SOB’s, Nueva York
Conga Room, Los Angeles
Amnesia Club, Miami
Universidad de Portland, OR
Hollywood Athletic Club, Los Angeles
The Mexican Museum 25th Anniversary, San Fransisco
La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley
Fuel 44, San Jose
Milwaukee Summerfest , Milwaukee
Copacabana, Pomona
Budweiser Hot Summer Nights at Ford Amphitheater, Vail, Colorado
Fiesta Hispana, Madison, Wisconsin
"Color Festival", Detroit
Grassroots Festival, IthacaRegattabar, Boston
Copacabana, Metairie (invitado especial Changuito)
Metropolis, Houston
First Avenue, Minneapolis
Calumet Café, Buffalo
Havana Film Festival, Nueva York
The Calumet Café, Buffalo
Chicago Old Town School of Music, Chicago, IL
04/29 The Shank Club, Milwaukee
Madison, Waterfront Festival
Chicago Hot House
Cleveland, Night Town
Colombus, Festival Latino, "Music in the air"
Santa Barbara, Caribbean Festival
Seattle, Century Ballroom
Houston, TX, Sky Bar
Houston, TX, Gatsby Social Club
Houston, TX (Budweiser Hot Carribean Nights, Jones Plaza Downtown)
Des Moines, IA, Hotel Fort Des Moines Grand Ballroom
Madison, WI, Waterfront Festival
Milwaukee, WI, Rainbow Festival
Santa Barbara, CA, Caribbean Festival (daytime show)
Schaumburg, IL, The Voodoo Night Club
Chicago, MCA (Museo de Artes Contemporaneas de Chicago)
Chicago, Festival Fiestas Portorriquenas, IL
Seattle, WA, Century Ballroom
Portland, OR, University
Portland, OR, La Rumba
Los Angeles, CA, The Sage Brush Cantina
San Fernando, CA
Williamsburg, NY, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY, Sunset Park
NYC, NY, Hudson Concert Series
Albany, NY, The Performing Arts Center
Chicago, IL, World Music Festival
Wilmington, DE, Grand Opera House
Bloomington, IN, Lotus Festival
Nueva Orleans, LA, Twiropa
Las Vegas, NV, venue TBA
San Fernando, CA, Menudo's festival
San Fransisco, CA, Rocapulco
Cleveland, OH, Night Town
Chicago, IL, Joe’s
Madison, WI, the Barrymore Theater
Portland, Oregon  , Roseland Theater
Olympia, Washington ,South Puget Sound Community College
Los Angeles, CA,King King
Washington DC, Washington,Zanzibar

Calgary International Jazz Festival

Vancouver International Jazz Festival, , The Commodore
Victoria International Jazz Festival
Medicine Hat Jazz Festival
Edmonton International Jazz Festival
Kaslo Jazz Festival, BC
Calgary, AB, Conga Room
Edmonton, AB,
Victoria BC, Latin Caribbean Music Festival
Edmonton Latin Festival , Yardbird Suite (outdoor)
Edmonton , celebración de Canada Day @ Big Miller Park (plein air), 
Saskatoon Jazz Festival , Delta Bessborough gardens (Mayonstage, outdoor)
Montreal International Jazz Festival , series « les Tropiques »
Québec, Charlesbourg , le Clac, 1750 rue Périgord
Ottawa Blues Fest. , Blues Till’Dusk stage
Ottawa Blues Fest ., Havana nights @ the Casino du lac Leamy


Barranquijazz ( Barranquilla)
Ajazzgo ( Cali)
Festival Internacional Medellin de Jazz

Salvador da Bahia, BA, X o Festival Percussivo Mundial PERCPAN (Teatro Castro Alves)
Salvador da Bahia, BA, workshop @ Teatro Castro Alves
Rio de Janeiro, workshop @ Mangueira
Rio de Janeiro, X o Festival Percussivo Mundial PERCPAN
(Teatro João Caetano)

Costa Rica
San Jose, Hotel Hilton​


Guanajuato, Festival Internacional Cervantino, Alhóndiga de Granadita, Gto.
MéxicoDF, Auditorio nacional, sala “El Lunario”
Chihuahua, Plaza Mayor
Ciudad Juárez, estacionamiento del estadio Benito Juárez
Cd Delicias, Presa las Vírgenes
Ciudad Camargo
Parral, Presidencia municipal
Arteaga, Explanada Municipal
Apatzingan, Explanada Municipal
LaHuacana , Explanada Municipal
Morelia, Patio de la casa de cultura
Salamanca, Gto.

León, Teatro Manuel Doblado, Gto.
Puebla, teatro de la Ciudad
Metepec, parque la Providencia
Guadalajara, plaza fundadores
Tecate, Baja California, Centro Cultural Tecate
Mexicali, Centro Estatal de las Artes
Tijuana, Centro Municipal de Arte y Cultura
Hermosillo, interior del campus universitario
San José de Los Cabos, Plaza Antonio Mijares
Mérida, Teatro Mérida
Ciudad del Carmen, Teatro de la Ciudad
Campeche, Centro Social Casino de Campeche
Torreón, Centro Comercial Galerías Laguna
Orizaba, Salón Social del STREM sección 15
Tlaxcala, Centro de Convenciones
Playa del Carmen, Parque Central
Culiacán, Ciudad Universitaria
Mazatlán, Plazuela Machado
Tampico, Festival Internacional de Tamaulipas
Ciudad Victoria, Festival Internacional de Tamaulipas
Reynosa, Festival Internacional de Tamaulipas
Río Bravo, Festival Internacional de Tamaulipas
Matamoros, Festival Internacional de Tamaulipas

CONCIERTO JAZZ DE LUNA, Ciudad de Guatemala


​Jazz à la Martinique, Fort-de-France, Martinica
Fort-de-France, salle Atryum , « Maraca y Afro Cuban Jazz Masters »
Ducos, Cultural Center

Santa Lucia

​Saint-Lucia Jazz Festival, Castries, Santa Lucía
Jazz in the South, Balenbouche Square, Santa Lucía

Plaza de la Revolucion, La Habana

Tribuna Antimperialista, La Habana
Teatro Karl Marx, La Habana
Teatro Amadeo Roldan
Teatro Nacional de Cuba ( salas "Avellaneda" y " Cobarrubia")
Palacio de las Convenciones,C. Habana, Congreso “Desarrollo y Cultura”,
Teatro Mella, La Habana
Varadero, Festival mundial de la Música
Teatro America, La Habana
Teatro Heredia,Santiago de Cuba
Concierto en el teatro Tomás Terry,Cienfuegos
Salon de embajadores del Hotel Habana Libre  ( Gala Internacional por el 120 aniversario de Havana Club)
Festival Jazz Plaza, Cuba ( desde 1983)
Plaza del Morro (Carretera del Morro),Santiago  de Cuba
Manzanillo, Teatro de Manzanillo
Teatro Astral, Congreso Internacional de Economistas
Casa de la Musica de Miramar, La Habana
Casa de la Musica  La Habana, Galeano, Centro Habana
Intituto Superior de Arte ( ISA), La Habana
Club de jazz La Zorra y el Cuervo
Carnavales de la Habana, Malecon
Pabellón Cuba, La Habana
Macumba Habana. La Giraldilla
Salon Internacional de l Hotel Riviera
Casa de Artex 18, Habana
Casa de la cultura de Plaza
Media Luna, Carnaval, Granma
Niquero,  Granma
Puerto Padre, Carnaval, Las Tunas
Las Tunas (Ciudad), Carnaval, Las Tunas
Puerto Padre, Carnaval, Las Tunas
Matanzas (Ciudad), Carnaval @ Viaducto, Matanzas
Limonar, Carnaval, Matanzas
Isla de la Juventud , Nueva Gerona , Festival de la Toronja (Carnaval)
Pinar del Río, Consolación del Sur, Carnaval
Pinar del Río, Bahía Honda, Carnaval
Guantánamo, Casa de las Promociones
Caimanera, Plaza del Pueblo
Guantánamo, Casa de las Promociones
Manzanillo , Plaza del Pueblo
Jiguani, bailable en apertura  de la semana de la Cultura
Bayamo, Plaza de la Patria
Holguín , CINE BARIA (la Sandunguera)
Holguín , Plaza Principal
Las Tunas, Teatro de Las Tunas
Las Tunas,  Plaza  cultural
Camagüey, Bailable en la Plaza de los Trabajadores (Clausura de  la semana de la cultura)
Camagüey , Teatro  Principal de Camaguey
Camaguey, Bailable en la Plaza de los Trabajadores
Ciego de Ávila , Plaza “el Indersito”
Morón, Teatro San Carlos de  Morón
Sancti Spítirus, Teatro Principal de Sancti Spítirus
Sancti Spíritus,  Bailable en plaza “Los Olivos”
Santa Clara, concierto en el teatro de la Universidad de Santa Clara
Santa Clara, Bailable en plaza “Sandino”
Cienfuegos,  Bailable en “Tropisur”
Cárdenas, Concierto en el  teatro de Cárdenas
Pinar del Río, Concierto en el Cine-teatro Saidén de Pinar del Río
Pinar del Río , Bailable en El  Pistarita
Matanzas,  Bailable en el Viaducto
C. Habana , Tribuna Antiimperialista, Festival “Cuerda Viva”
San José, Teatro  Lajero
La Habana, Festival America Cantat
San José, bailable por el dia de la Juventud
Santa Clara, Bailable en plaza “Sandino”
Plaza de Lajas, Cienfuegos
Santiago de Cuba, plaza San Pedro y Martí
Santiago de Cuba, la Trocha (Carretera del Morro)
Manzanillo, Tarima del :Pueblo
Teatro Guaso, Guantánamo
Sala Dolores,  Santiago de Cuba
Tropicana Santiago, Santiago de Cuba
Teatro de Bayamo, Granma
Teatro  Manzanillo,Granma
Plaza de la Marqueta, Holguín
Teatro Las Tunas,  Las Tunas
Vertientes,  Camagüey
Festival Jazz Plaza, Teatro Mella, La Havane
Teatro Principal de Ciego de Ávila
plaza Los Olivos de Sancti Spíritus
Placetas, Villa Clara
Cienfuegos, Ciné-Teatro Luisa
Viaducto de Matanzas
Teatro Cárdenas de Cárdenas, Matanzas
Ciudad de Pinar del Río (Pistarriita)
La Palma, P. del Río, carnavales
Santa Cruz del Norte,  carnavales
Clausura de la Gira Nacional y lanzamiento del disco en el Théâtre
Santa Cruz del Norte, carnavales
Esperanza, Ranchuelos, Carnavales
Martí, Matanzas, carnavales
Mayari, Plaza Principal
Holguín, Plaza Los Chinos
Holguín, Plaza de la Marqueta
Tapaste, Semana de la Cultura
La Havane, la Vereda
La habana, CUJAE
Cumanayagua, Plaza Principal
Calimete, Plaza Principal
Manzanillo, Tarima del Pueblo
Caimanera, Plaza Principal
Guantánamo, Plaza A. Pérez
Sibanicu, Plaza Principal
Palma Soriano, Plaza Principal
Santiago de Cuba, Salón del Son
La Maya, Plaza Principal
Plaza de Ciro Redondo ( Pina), Ciego de Avila
Playa de Baracoa, Provincia ARtemisa
Bauta, Artemisa
San Jose de la Lajas, Mayabeque
Cabaiguan, Sancti Spiritus
Viñales, Pinar del Rio
Los palacios,Pinar del Rio
Florida, camaguey


Costa de Marfil
Festival International de Jazz d’Abidjan – Palais de Congrès d’Abidjan

Tabarka World Music Festival

Chefchaouene Festivalrquia

Cabo Verde

Kriol Jazz Festival (Praia)



Gabala International Music Festival


Istanbul International Jazz Festival, Turkey



Al Bustan Festival


The Reunion Island

​Festival "Les nuis de Piton"


( with the POP Star Leonid Agutin )

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